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CEO of Incheon Foundation For Arts & Culture (IFAC)
Since its establishment in 2004, Incheon Foundation For Arts & Culture (IFAC) has been working to make Incheon a cultural city, through supporting various creative arts activities and operating projects with the goal of creating a rich arts and culture environment in Incheon and discovering and expanding on the city’s own values.

Culture is indeed the growth engine that enables a society to genuinely develop. I think that the quickest way to make Incheon a cultural city is to create a cultural environment within the living radius of citizens so that they can watch performances at a reasonable price - on the way home from buying groceries, for example.
The foundation will strive to make Incheon, Korea’s third-largest city with a population of 3 million, a happy cultural city that residents can enjoy to the fullest each day, enriched by arts and culture.


Incheon filled with vibrant art and cultural happiness



Cooperative platform that designs the cultural city of Incheon



Expanding cultural value in everyday life Creative discovery of the value of regional cultures Creation of a platform for coexistence through art Establishment of a management system for culture


  • 222, Gyeongin-ro, Nam-gu, Incheon (620-24, Dohwa 1(il)-dong)
  • 82-32-868-9162~3
  • 82-32-868-9164

Incheon Performing Arts Practice Space

Incheon Performing Arts Practice Space serves as a foundation for the development of regional performing arts culture and the activation of regional performing artists’ creative activities. It supports the establishment of a virtuous cycle and an autonomous ecosystem for the performing arts by providing a stable foundation for creative activities, practicing and stage performances.


  • 3, Jemullyang-ro 218beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon (Haean-dong 1(il)-ga)
  • 82-32-760-1032
  • 82-32-772-7194

Living Culture Center Chiltong Madang

Incheon Living Culture Center is a cultural space that is free for all local residents to use.

Incheon Living Culture Center offers a range of programs and activities, making it a venue through which members of the community can develop their cultural sensitivity and cultural competence. It is a community space in which arts and cultural activities with social value are shared to create a regional living culture.


  • 10, Hwadojin-ro 186beon-gil, Dong-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea
  • 82-32-764-7665
  • 82-32-764-7664

Woori Museum of Art

A small museum in Manseok-dong, Woori Museum of Art is jointly operated by Incheon Foundation for Arts & Culture (IFAC) and Dong-gu Office, Incheon Metropolitan City, through collaboration and communication. The museum aims to serve as a cultural sarangbang (reception room) in the neighborhood that allows residents to drop by easily rather than a museum that would require planning and a lot of time for a visit.


  • 3, Jemullyang-ro 218beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon (Haean-dong 1(il)-ga)
  • 82-32-760-1000
  • 82-32-760-1010

Incheon Art Platform (IAP)

Incheon Art Platform (IAP, formally Jung-gu Arts and Cultural Center) is a multiplex cultural arts center located in Haen-dong, Jung-gu. The site was purchased and developed by Incheon Metropolitan City, and is transforming its turn of the century structures and nearby buildings as part of the old downtown restoration project.

IAP operates under the patronage of the Incheon Arts and Culture Foundation, having the artists-in-residence program at its core. The program fosters the creation of new art by supporting artists and research scholars from a variety of backgrounds.


  • 195, Jemullyang-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon (13, Hang-dong 5(o)-ga)
  • 82-32-455-7160
  • 82-32-772-7190

The Research Center for Incheon History & Culture

The Research center for incheon history & culture works in cooperation with researchers to delivers a range of information about Incheon’s history to local residents, and carries out projects that expand the opportunities for members of the public to gain a better understanding of Incheon.

  • 195, Jemullyang-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon (13, Hang-dong 5(o)-ga)
  • 82-32-455-7177
  • 82-32-772-7191

Incheon Music Platform

Incheon Music Platform is a comprehensive channel covering systems, spaces and content to realize the slogan “Incheon, the Center of Asia’s Music” through music as a medium. Incheon Music Platform becomes a major axis of Open Port Culture Platform, which connects art, book and music, following Incheon Art Platform and the Museum of Korean Modern Literature.
Open Port Culture Platform is a project to create a cultural platform in and around Sinpo-dong and Haean-dong, Jung-gu, an area where there were active commercial and cultural exchanges during the port opening era. Open Port Culture Platform promotes Incheon Music Platform as a hub for musical exchange that can show the identity and internationality of Incheon.
How good it will be, if all scattered information is brought together at one place for you to find necessary information? We began with this question. You can check where in Incheon you can see performances, exhibitions, events and experiential activities and what cultural facilities and organizations there are.

  • 250, Incheon tower-daero, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon(24-6, Songdo-dong)
  • 82-32-455-7185~6
  • 82-32-831-5037


Tri-Bowl is a multi-purpose, integrated cultural arts space that includes an arena shaped performance space, culture and arts education programs, and exhibits that are run by the Incheon Foundation for Arts and Culture and commissioned by the City of Incheon. With the goal of turning Incheon into a cultural city, the Incheon Foundation for Arts and Culture is holding performances, education about culture and arts and exhibits at Tri-Bowl, while working for the growth of the regional culture and arts community to link the old and new cities.


  • 76, Sinpo-ro 15beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon
  • 82-32-773-3800
  • 82-32-772-7193

The Museum of Korean Modern Literature

The Museum of Korean Modern Literature is Korea’s first public comprehensive literature museum, and was established by Incheon Foundation for Arts & Culture (IFAC) and Incheon Metropolitan City. Incheon is a port city, having opened its port to international trade in modern times.

After Incheon opened its port in 1883, it became the main gateway through which modern Western culture entered Korea. At the Museum of Korean Modern Literature, visitors not only can see important literary works of the time with their own eyes, but also can experience Korean modern literature in various forms. At the Museum of Korean Modern Literature, visitors can encounter the basis of Korean culture.


Major Programs

Incheon Culture Press 3.0

A platform that delivers diverse arts and cultural content related to Incheon, Incheon Culture Press 3.0 is published biweekly (twice a month). It aims to provide a venue for public discussion on Incheon’s arts and culture and mediate communication between the arts and culture sector and other areas, to form a new discourse.

Cooperative Network

Cooperative Network is a project to share information and prepare a venue for discussion with related agencies and non-profit organizations in Korea and overseas. The work of the Cooperative Network has included signing MOUs for developing a bilateral development model and promoting joint projects to strengthen cooperation.

Artrain Donations

Incheon Foundation For Arts & Culture (IFAC) operates a donation campaign (Artrain) to create shared value and enrich the arts and culture of the region.

Artrain Mecenat

A cooperative structure between corporations and art is prepared in order to diversify cultural finances. Social contribution projects in the arts and cultural sector will be expanded to reinvigorate the arts and culture of the region.

Incheon Music Platform

The activities of Incheon Music Platform include the establishment of an Incheon music archive, the recreation of music from different ages through performance, and the operation of exhibitions and conferences, all of which serve to differentiate and enhance Incheon’s image as a music city.

Incheon Culture Forum

Incheon Culture Forum serves as a regular communication network for the development of Incheon’s arts and culture. This project discovers new cultural policies containing futuristic visions and presents opinions about current issues.

Examination and Research of the Current Condition of Arts and Culture

This project systematically examines and analyzes the current condition and environment of Incheon’s arts and culture. This work includes publishing material (Yearbook of Incheon Arts & Culture, Cultural Policy Trend) that give readers an overview of the trends and current situation of Incheon’s arts and culture.

Fostering Specialized Personnel in the Culture of the Region

This project discovers regionally-based human resources who can work in arts and culture of the Incheon region. Trained specialized personnel will plan, develop and assess cultural programs and content.

Suggestion and Development of Cultural Policies

With the aim of reinvigorating arts and culture in Incheon, this project features a public contest of research papers on cultural policies as well as project research. It also suggests cultural policies for the different administrative levels of si, gun and gu.

Thursday Culture Forum

This project supports a cultural discourse for the region, and activates a culture of discussion on arts and culture. Forums are held on subjects related to current issues of the region and others. These are intended to encourage citizens to gain a better understanding of arts and culture, and regional cultural values.

Production of a Manual for Establishing and Operating Basic-Level Cultural Foundations

This project studies and produces a manual to support the establishment of basic-level cultural foundations in each gun and gu of Incheon. The manual is used to help local areas to quickly stabilize their basic cultural foundations, and gain a foothold to promote regional culture.

Cooperative Network of Festivals

This project involves an examination of the current condition of festivals held in Incheon, and prepares a structure for information sharing and cooperation between festival organizers.

Incheon Youth Culture Big Festival

This project aims to prepare a new venue for artistic pursuits in which Incheon’s youth artists can share, support and encourage regionally-based art activities and one another’s activities.

Incheon Art Station Project

This project supports “site-specific art projects” that can show the power of Incheon’s art, with the aim of enhancing art’s public value in society.

Residency for Youth Cultural Artists

This project creates and operates a space by utilizing an unused space in order to support the creative activities of youth artists.

Incheon Open Port Art Festival

This project develops Incheon’s representative art festival brand. Superb content is promoted so that the public can enjoy the festival. (opening performance, special performance, free participation work, citizen participation stage, street parade, closing performance, etc.)

Music Festival of an Island Village Band

This project is a music festival in which residents of an island village become the main players.
Location: Islands in Ongjin-gun
Participants: Musical bands (clubs) on the island of Ongjin-gun

Wuhyun Prize

The Wuhyun Prize was established in honor of Ko Yu-seop (pen name: Wuhyun), Korea’s first aesthetician and art historian, by Incheon Foundation For Arts & Culture (IFAC) as a way of commemorating his academic achievement and handing down his spirit in a creative way.
The Wuhyun Academic Prize developmentally inherits the status of Wuhyun Prize, which was awarded by the Wuhyun Prize Committee from 1980 to 1999, and the status of Wuhyun Academic Prize, which had been awarded by the Art History Association of Korea since 2003 in succession to Wuhyun Prize.

Island Art Project

This project enhances the value of islands by harmonizing art and cultural works and the natural environment. The intent of the project is to combine culture and arts and the liberal arts/social conditions, enhancing the geographic value of Incheon.

Incheon Citizens’ Chorus Festival

This project offers citizens from all levels of society an opportunity to participate in the art form of “choir,” and provides a venue for communication with artists through the medium of the choir.

Living Culture Center Chiltong Madang

Any citizen can freely use this cultural space. It is a community space in which arts and cultural activities are shared to create a living culture of the region.

Incheon Waltz

Incheon Waltz is a performance program facilitated through the cooperation of citizens and artists. The program is intended to encourage citizens’ autonomous art activities and form a culture of citizens who are culture creators.

Programs of Living Culture Center

The Living Culture Center plans and operates programs focused on public participation, serving as a foundational space to enjoy culture in everyday life. The goal is to “activate living culture and arts,” a basic policy direction of regional culture promotion.

Support for Citizens’ Cultural Activities

This project establishes a foundation for a sustainable regional culture by improving the quality of citizens’ lives. Various art and cultural programs are operated that utilize regionally unique resources and the regional culture and history.

Programs of Incheon Living Culture Center

This project rents, discovers and supports living culture spaces in Incheon such as Dongnebangne Ajit and the Living Culture Center Academy.

Integrated Culture Pass

The Integrated Culture Pass (Munhwanuri Card) is a card designed to support the disadvantaged who cannot enjoy arts and culture due to social and economic difficulties, and provides benefits in various areas such as arts and culture, domestic travel and physical exercise.

Art and Cultural Education in Society

Incheon Citizens’ Culture College

This project establishes a systematic and comprehensive arts and culture education course by utilizing regional networks and cultural resources.

Establishment of a Support System for Art and Cultural Education

For the practical operation of the Support Council of Incheon’s Culture and Arts Education, a working-level council is formed to share the content and results of the projects operated by the Incheon Arts Education Center.

Art and Cultural Education at School

Support for Art Integrated Subjects

This project aims to help with the safe arrival of art and cultural education in public education. Programs connected with primary education subjects and the TIE program for secondary education are operated to establish a model for art and cultural education at school.

Teacher Training for Art and Cultural Education

This project enhances teachers’ interest in arts and culture education and suggests art education that can be connected with curriculums. The project aims to strengthen the competence of teachers, who serve as the major medium of art and cultural education at school.

Support for Free Semester System

This project develops and supports a model of arts and cultural education for individual schools in order to expand arts and cultural education at schools through the free semester system in middle school.

Support Projects for Art and Cultural Education

Support Project for Regionally Specialized Art and Cultural Education

This project supports organizations and agencies working to activate regionally based arts and culture education. The project supports the development and operation of arts and culture education programs, based on Incheon’s resources, characteristics and issues.

Kkumdarak Saturday Culture School

This project operates and supports outside-school art and cultural education during weekends, in which children, adolescents and their families can participate. A foundation to form operation bases for outside-school arts and culture education is created through Incheon’s art and culture education festival, etc.

artrain info
Culture Companion Cultural welfare for disadvantaged people and families, including the homeless, the disabled, single-parent families and multicultural families
Beyond Everyday Life Arts and culture projects that reach residents in their daily lives, including “support project for citizens,” “creating a local community culture,” and “Incheon Waltz.”
Cooperative Partnership Arts and culture projects in various forms that are promoted in the region, in cooperation with private companies or agencies
Growers’ Dream Arts and culture education for different generations including children, adolescents and adults/ Personnel development
Art Wings Art Bank Program to Support Art Creation, Residence, Rising Artists Discovery Project


How good it will be, if all scattered information is brought together at one place for you to find necessary information?
We began with this question. You can check where in Incheon you can see performances, exhibitions, events and experiential activities and what cultural facilities and organizations there are.

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